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From Our Heart  PRIVACY POLICY Bottom Line Version

Other than as a result of a purchase, we do not collect any information about you, and the information that is collected as a result of a purchase, is not shared with anyone.

If you have any questions or complaints regarding our Privacy Policies, please email us at

From Our Heart  PRIVACY POLICY Full Version

Credit Card Information

From Our Heart processes all credit cards through third party vendors, specifically PayPal and Stripe. The use and storage of credit card information is subject to the terms and conditions of the respective processors. From Our Heart does not process, store or record credit card information.

The privacy policies for PayPal and Stripe are available for your review.

Information obtained from purchases

Your Name, Billing Address, Shipping Address, Items Ordered, and Billing Total are kept by us on our secure server and is kept on file to process your order and as required by law. Except for necessary transmission of information to process your payment through PayPal or Stripe, or create a shipping label with the United States Postal Service (USPS), at no time is any of this information shared with anyone outside of From Our Heart.

Information obtained from contest entries

We require that you provide us your first and last name and email address in order to to enter any of our contests so that we can determine a winner. This information is stored off-line until such time as winner has been confirmed. After each contest, all entrants contact information is permanently deleted from all records. However, the complete contact information of the winner, including mailing address and phone number, shall be added to our shopping cart database as record of his/her winning. At no time is any of this information used for any other purpose or shared with anyone outside of From Our Heart.

Information obtained from Server Logs and Analytics

Our Server Logs automatically collect specific information every time you visit our site. This includes: Date and Time of visit, IP Address, Browser Type, Operating Platform, duration of visit and Pages Viewed. The information is logged both per-session and aggregate total. The per-session log includes all the aforementioned information. It is kept in a password protected directory and only accessible by From Our Heart.  It is not shared or made available to the public. The aggregate information EXCEPT Date, Time and IP Address is kept indefinitely. The information about your Browser type and Operating Platform is used so that we may keep the site compatible with as many formats as possible. The Duration and Pages Viewed information is not made available to anyone.

We also utilize Google Analytics to provide aggregate visitor information to also aid in keeping our website compatible with multiple platforms. Click here to review Google Analytics Privacy Policy.



Information obtained from "Cookies"

Cookies are text files used to obtain various amounts of information depending on their programming. From Our Heart  does not use cookies to obtain personal identifiable information. You do not have to have Cookies Enabled on your computer to use From Our Heart.  Site in itself including shopping. However, you may opt-in to have a cookie deposited on your computer to remember your Billing and Shipping information for future purposes. Having this cookie placed on your computer to place an order is not required.

Any off-site services which requires that you "Log On" and use a "password" do require that you accept Cookies which provide identity confirmation. We do not have control over or access to these Cookies or the information they obtain. (Please see the Privacy Polices of the service providers.) Should you not accept these Cookies, you may not be able to utilize any of these services. Additionally, sites which link to or from From Our Heart.  Site may utilize Cookies. Again, we do not have control over or access to these Cookies or the information they obtain.


Web Beacons a.k.a Web Bugs

Web Beacons, also known as Web Bugs, are invisible images (usually 1 pixel by 1 pixel) placed on a web page to collect information similar to that gathered by banner advertisements, but users cannot detect the presence of bugs without looking at the source code or using special software From Our Heart.  does not use Web Bugs/Web Beacons. 

Information you request be posted with From Our Heart.  

Any information posted with From Our Heart becomes public information and access to and use thereof is beyond our control. This includes, but is not limited to, any Email address posted.


Protecting Your Email Address

We do not give out Email addresses to anyone without your consent. However, as there are programs which employ the use of "spiders" to search Web Sites for Email addresses, for your security, when you post your Email address to any Web site, we recommend that you use either use an alternate Email address rather than your personal address, or enter the address in such a manner that it cannot be automatically used by others, ie. username@yourdomain.REMOVE(net. com, etc.) with a note telling users to delete the "REMOVE" from the address. While this disables the option to Click On the address to send an Email, it also drastically reduces your chances of having your Email address added to a mailing list via the use of spiders. And since the majority of these spiders are building mailing lists for Spaming purposes, losing the ability to "click on" your Email address is a small price to pay to avoid Spam. 


Users should be aware that when you are visiting From Our Heart, you could be directed to other sites that are beyond our control. There are links to other sites from From Our Heart that take you outside our service. This includes links from listings, advertisers, sponsors, partners and affiliates that may use From Our Heart   logo or name as part of a co-branding agreement. While we attempt to inspect sites that are directly linked to From Our Heart,   From Our Heart cannot and will not be liable for the content of any site not directly under the control of From Our Heart   nor will From Our Heart   be liable for for the use of any information obtained by these sites whether through the use of Cookies or information which you voluntarily submit.


Information from Social Networking (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.)

With the increase in social network plug-ins, there is an increase in privacy concerns. From Our Heart does not utilize social network plug-ins and therefore does not gather any information about you through social network plug-ins (These plug-ins provide you the opportunity to log on to a website via your social network log on information). The "share" buttons on our site do not track your web activities, but merely shares information about From Our Heart on the respective social network.


Emails - Solicited and Unsolicited

Due to the increase in Email related viruses and worms, does not accept any unsolicited Emails with attachments nor Emails with attachments with file extensions including, but not limited to: ".exe",  ".vbs", ".vbe", "js", "doc", "cfm", "htm or html" or any other extension which can automatically engage or run a plug-in, program or script or which is unfamiliar or known to contain or potentially contain a virus or worm - They will automatically be returned. If you would like to post information, the information must be contained in the body of the Email. Thank You.


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